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A Guide to the Best Sushi in Denver, CO

All you can eat sushi

Denver may be landlocked and far from the sea, but that hasn’t stopped locals from loving sushi and getting their daily fix of delectable raw fish. The city is home to numerous sushi joints, serving fish flown in fresh from various parts of the world.

Looking for the best sushi in Denver? Check out these places:

Sushi Den
1487 S Pearl Street

You can’t get fresher raw fish in Denver or anywhere else than at this iconic restaurant. Sushi Den is considered the top destination in the Mile-High City for great sushi and was one of the first restaurants in the United States to fly in fish daily from Japan. For an added treat, get a seat at the sushi bar and watch the intricate preparation that comes with every roll.

Sushi Sasa
2401 15th Street

This modern minimalist restaurant is your best choice for an upscale and intimate dining experience, featuring Japanese soul food infused with international influences. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, drop-in for a happy hour and get select food and drinks at special prices, or come for Sunday brunch, featuring steamed pork buns and other Japanese favorites with Sasa’s own twist.

Sushi Hai
3600 W 32nd Avenue

With a seating capacity of 175 people, this expansive restaurant adds a dash of funky to its elegant interior for a chic and fun dining experience. The works of local artists adorn the walls, and three Tatami Rooms provide privacy in traditional Japanese floor-seating. Come for their excellent toro sushi, as well as for a few shots of sake bombs. On the happy hour and Broncos Sundays, you can get rolls at special prices.

Izakaya Den
1487-A S. Pearl Street

Named after Japanese restaurants that serve small plates with generous helpings of sake, Izakaya Den has a distinctive interior and menu items that have made it a favorite dining destination in the Mile-High City. In addition to some of the best sushi in town, the restaurant serves other Japanese favorites, including ramen and udon noodles, as well as Asian fusion fare.

2907 Huron Street

Perhaps better known for its hearty bowls of ramen, Tokio also features an excellent assortment of sushi. The sushi rolls here are larger than usual, which would explain the somewhat steeper prices. The restaurant also offers small plates of charcoal-grilled Japanese barbecue and is one of the few spots in the Denver downtown area that open late on weeknights.

Locations throughout Denver and Colorado

With two locations in Denver and a couple more around Colorado, Sushi-Rama has truly found a recipe for success with its conveyor belt service. The restaurant serves an excellent variety of nigiri sushi and in-house creations. Sake, beer, wine, and cocktails are also served to go with your rolls.

1501 S. Pearl Street

Located next to two beloved sushi bars in Denver, Ototo holds its own with its casual ambiance and cozy setting. If you want to avoid the crowds at the two “Dens” next door, this is the perfect place. In addition to excellent sushi, Ototo also serves ramen, rice bowls, grilled meats and fish, and other Japanese favorites.

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